I'm an experienced product and design leader with a successful track record leading product and UX design teams from strategy to delivery. I'm a champion of product design, systems & process thinker, aligner of stakeholders, super nice manager, leader of leaders, visionary communicator, culture creator, and pretty good at articulating design decisions.

I offer in-person workshops, online classes, and speaking engagements for teams and events.

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Jam Barcelona

Solving the Whole Cube

In this inspiring and practical talk, Tom Greever gives us a five-point summary of best practices for product and design leaders to keep in mind in order to be effective at delivering great experiences...

Conference talk, Barcelona, Spain
Push Conference

Hairy Arms, Painting Ducks, & Design Decisions

Convincing someone else of our design decisions is difficult. It can be so difficult, in fact, that we'll do almost anything to make sure that we don't have to make changes we disagree with...

Conference talk, Munich, Germany
Smashing Magazine

The Nine Principles Of Design Implementation

Recently, I was leading a training session for one of our clients on best practices for implementing designs using HTML and CSS. Part of our time included a discussion of processes such as OOCSS and...

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Articulating Design Decisions Video Course

With this practical video, UX designers will learn the principles and actionable methods for talking about their ideas with executives, marketers, and others who have influence over a web or app project...

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Great Designers are Great Communicators

It's not easy to talk about design. Every designer has had to justify their decisions to a stakeholder, yet most lack the ability to convince people they're right...

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Articulating design decisions with Tom Greever

We talk to Tom Greever about Articulating Design Decisions. How do we talk about our designs effectively with stakeholders? Every designer has to explain (and justify) their...

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Designers Aren't Always Right

One of the keys to a successful UX design process is learning to articulate design decisions to other people in a way that is effective and compels them to agree with us. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things...

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Reducing Cognitive Load

When it comes to usability, getting users to successfully complete a task is all about their available brain space: their cognitive load. The more clutter, options, or roadblocks we put in front of them, the more we fill their head and...

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Today's designers are solving business problems

Tom Greever, UX Director at Bitovi talks about the evolution of UX design, challenges that design professionals face today, and some of the keys to the success of the modern UX...

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Articulating Design Decisions Talk

Every designer has had to justify designs to non-designers, yet most lack the ability to explain themselves in a way that is compelling and fosters agreement. The ability to effectively articulate design decisions is critical to the success...

Conference talk. Madison, WI
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Stakeholders are People Too

Jim worked for me several years ago. He was a young, enthusiastic designer, building a brand-new platform for a non-profit to further a mission he believed in. His ideas were strong because his user-centered approach taught...

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Designing & Testing Mobile eCommerce

With eCommerce it's critical to understand how people find and purchase products through user testing. Here are some lessons learned from user testing mobile navigation for the world's largest retailer...

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This is why so many people have an opinion about design

The more that I talk to people about what it means to explain design, the more I realize that everyone across all types of organizations - from product companies to nonprofits to universities to health care - is intensely interested in it...

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UXLx - User Experience Lisbon

Every designer has had to justify their designs to a non-designer, yet most lack the ability to convince people they're right. The ability to effectively articulate your decisions is critical to the success of a project, because the most articulate person usually wins.

Conference talk, Lisbon, Portugal
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How to Communicate Design

Today's guest is Tom Greever, President, UX & Design at Bitovi. Bitovi is a front-end design and development consulting company. Tom joins the team to discuss how UX can be expanded outside apps, his book, Articulating Design Decisions, the different types of UX specializations, tips for how to articulate your design choices, and much more!

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210: With Tom Greever and Christy Ennis-Kloote

We're joined by Christy Ennis-Cloote and Tom Greever to talk about design communication - how do you send clients designs and ideas for approval? What's the secret to getting clients to actually look at your designs before signing off on them?

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