Welcome everyone to our first retreat of 2018! And welcome to our Family Gathering where the barbecue sauce is made of JavaScript and your dining experience is all one big user test. Thank you for taking time away…
We have several people joining remotely who couldn’t be here in-person.
Welcome – welcome everyone remote
The purpose for the retreat
- spend time with each other in-person
- break from routine
- work on something different for a few days
We’ll get to that… but first! I want to follow up on my challenge to you from last month – to be real with people, to be human with your clients and co-workers. Remember Spencer? He made it all the way to the end of that season with James – but the jury still awarded James the prize. So it worked! Kinda. Anyone have a story?
-Adri workshop
-StackStorm partnership
## Personal:
Jamie ran a 10k in under 1 hour.
Austin’s Mariah was accepted for internship at a hospital in Tacoma, so they’re moving back to Washington!
Christopher’s kitchen
## One More thing
Typically, our retreat schedule is that we focus one on special projects, one on training, and one on year-end review. This retreat that focus is on special projects. Specifically, we will be focused on creating some sort of content: from your past projects, from an experimental idea, writing a blog post.
So our focus over the next few days is going to be this: Sharing Knowledge
Why is sharing our knowledge so important:
- it engrains what you know – it expands your understanding – taking a step back allows you to see the project in a new light
- it highlights your accomplishments – it can be easy to forget about what we did on a project. It’s always nice to document something we did, look back on it and be proud. This year we’re going to be moving from annual evaluations to a portfolio – this is intended to line up with that effort, so we’re concious about the projects we worked on this year and documenting them – it reminds you of why you’re awesome -
- it helps other people in the community who look to us as leaders in the industry
Tie it back to Bitovi – we have a lot of hidden knowledge and expertise. Be proud of us as an organization. We have smart people.
## The goal
The goal for this week is to create something and get it up on the web! We’re aiming for finished content – a web page, an article, a video ready to publish, or a talk ready to give.
We don’t want to end the week with “works in progress” since they have a tendency to get put on the back-burner for client work and never get fully completed. So focus on something small enough that you can publish it (think MVP) even if there are ways you’d want to improve it later.
## The process
Most people do not yet have a specific, full plan yet for what they’re working on. That’s ok! In many ways, this is exactly like our client work. We’re given a general direction, then we take ownership of adding definition and getting stakeholder feedback and approval.
So here’s what you need to do: take some time Wednesday morning (perhaps with others you’ll be working with) to write up a short plan for what you’re working on and share it with us! Me, Tom, Paula, and Justin will be available all week to help. Plus, we want to be sure how you spend your time jives with our expectations of your focus and output. For example, if you’re writing an article, this might be a thesis statement, title, and high level outline. By Wednesday afternoon, you should have a clearer direction, discussed it with us, and jumped in with both feet to make it happen.