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What Gardening Can Teach Us About User Experience Design

October 15, 2013

We grew basil in our garden this year

I like gardening. There is something so rewarding about growing your own food. But it isn’t easy: it takes time, know-how, and some basic principles to do it successfully. Done right, gardening can actually save you money by cutting down on your grocery bill. But if you don’t maximize the space you have, it’s just […]

The 5-Mile Brainstorm – Finding Your Groove for Creative Thinking

October 1, 2013


Everything I do is about helping clients solve problems: visualizing creative new functionality, fixing usability issues, finding the right interface controls… But coming up with solutions to complex problems isn’t easy. It requires a lot of brain power, creative thought and teamwork, but sometimes you hit the wall. We’ve all been there: pressed against a […]

Flat Design is Not the Answer to Skeuomorphism

August 16, 2013

What if angry birds adopted flat design?

For awhile now, I’ve watched as countless people (designers, developers) argue the merits of so-called “flat design” in favor of the skeuomorphism that had previously taken over the mobile and web app space. I don’t want to re-hash that conversation or take sides. I like flat design a lot and the conversations surrounding it has […]

Visual Cues Matter or Why Old People Have Trouble with Interfaces

August 1, 2013

Ok or Cancel?

Today I was at the checkout of a national retailer and an elderly woman in front of me in line was carefully signing her digital signature on the credit card terminal. Judging by the care and evaluation she took in writing her signature, you might think she had never used one of these terminals before. […]

Why In-Store Promo URLs Should Always Be Mobile

July 22, 2013

Lowe's user experience FAIL

Recently I was at Lowe’s with my kids. They were so excited when they saw this sign for Lowe’s “Build and Grow”, a free weekend activity for kids to build something fun with their parents. Since this one was Cars-themed, that made it all the more exciting. Because it was only a few days before […]

Honda Air Conditioning Controls, UX Fail

July 13, 2013

Honda console UX fail

I see examples of good and bad UX everywhere, but none was more obvious than when we recently bought a new Honda van. The air conditioning controls in the center console are confusing, especially when you’re driving. A clear UX fail. In this image, the blue highlights are the controls for the front of the […]