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How a UX Designer Saves You Time and Money in Development

November 11, 2014

Sam's Club Walmart Post-it Notes

This post originally appeared on It can be difficult to see the value of user experience design. After all, it’s possible to build an app without a dedicated designer, but it’s not possible to do it without a developer. And so design is often seen as an extra, non-essential nice-to-have. A common response is, […]

Articulating Design Decisions

November 8, 2014

Tom Greever Midwest UX 2014

Video from my talk at Midwest UX 2014 in Indianapolis: Every designer has had to justify their designs to a non-designer, yet most lack the ability to convince people they’re right. The ability to effectively articulate your decisions is critical to the success of a project, because the most articulate person usually wins. In this […]

Midwest UX 2014 Cheat Sheet

October 25, 2014

Midwest UX 2014

This is a summary or cheat sheet of the tips and tactics I gave at Midwest UX 2014 in Indianapolis for my talk, “Articulating Design Decisions” on October 25, 2014 – I hope you’ll be better prepared to talk about your designs decisions and convince people that you’re right! Always Ask: What problem does this […]

Easy Mobile Usability Testing – Resources and Links

May 3, 2014


This is a list of products, resources, articles, and other links from a talk that I presented at Mobile Camp Chicago, 2014 – at the Harrington College of Design on May 2, 2014. My goal with the presentation was to break down the more common ways we test mobile apps and find a way to […]

Arrogance as the Enemy of User Experience Design

March 3, 2014

I'm pretty sure this is the display I had when this story took place.

A cautionary tale about how one dude wasted his company’s time and money because he thought he was so smart. Hint: it’s me. With user-centered design, you have to check your ego at the door. An arrogant attitude can kill a great interface. This frequently happens when one person sees himself or herself as the […]

5 Examples of Bad UX from Major Brands

February 5, 2014


As I go throughout my day, using various web-based services to live my life, I take note of the times when a design flaw causes me frustration. Here are five examples of bad UX from large companies that should know better. In most cases, just a little bit more thought could have improved the user […]